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The Sabljaci Lake

Sabljaci Jezero Sabljaci

This lake is a real pearl of the region. It is a reservoir created from the flow of the Zagorska Mrežnica. This is the eleventh largest lake in Croatia and is also known as “The Sea of Ogulin” (170 ha). If one gazes on it from Prelesje, above the village of Desmerice, it really looks like a huge sea bay.

With its variety of fish, from local trout, grass carp, chub and tench, it is a real temptation for fishermen, but it also offers various possibilities for recreation: swimming, rowing, sailing, windsurfing, pleasant walking, cycling and rowing regattas.

Fishing is permitted throughout the year, and the following fish can be caught: brook and rainbow trout, grayling, grass carp, pikeperch, chub, Danube and common roach. Prize tench caught in this lake are well known! Beautiful white swans find refuge in this lake every winter, while certain parts of the lake become quite dark with big flocks of black coot.

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