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klek div Pogled na Klek

Folk legends have even been interpreted in the emergence of Klek itself, long ago when gods and giants lived on the earth. The gods kept all the food and drink for themselves. This caused dissatisfaction amongst the giants, and one of them – Klek went to war with the god Volos, who turned everything he wanted into stone with a magical sword. At the place where today the Klek mountain sits the god of Volos turned the giant Klek to stone. Before he was turned to stone, Klek swore that he would wake up and seek his revenge. Coincidently or not, at the foot of Klek the River Dobra flows out which our ancestors believed were the veins of Klek, and that during stormy nights the witches of Klek would gather and try to wake up Klek the giant from his centuries’ of sleep. Who knows, maybe one day they will succeed.

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