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The Name of the River Dobra's Chasm - Đula’s Abyss

djulin ponor Đulin ponor

The abyss of the River Dobra got its name from a young girl whose name was Đula or Zulejka. The legend dates from the 16th century. Zulejka was of noble origin and her parents, as was the custom in those times, promised her to an elderly nobleman.

Meanwhile, after a great battle against the Turks, a young captain Milan Juraić from the border arrived in Ogulin. He defended the Frankopan fort in Tounj. When Zulejka saw him she fell in love at first sight. Milan was killed in a battle against the Turks, and when Zulejka heard this she threw herself into the abyss of the River Dobra.

So this is how the chasm received its name of Đula’s Abyss. If one looks closely at the rocks above the abyss, one can see the profile of a man looking down into the depths. The people of Ogulin say that this is Milan who gazes to where his beloved Đula disappeared.

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