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Hunt and Photo Safari

medvjedi fotolov

The vast expanses of forests are rich in the Ogulin region. The heights are full of various animals, and big game animals are abundant. The forest and hunting grounds are managed by Hrvatske Šume (Croatian Forests), local hunting societies and licensees. Brown bears, wolves and lynx live in the area of Mala and Velika Kapela, and are amongst the most important part in the chain in preserving the biodiversity of the area. The area is rich with other wildlife: foxes, roe and fallow deer, hares, wild boars, ducks, quails, pheasants, partridges and pigeons.

Information about hunting societies is available in Hunting office Ogulin: +385 91 544 1403,

Hunting, foto safari and accomodation in Hunting house Bjelsko can provide you the Gama – lov ltd.

+385 98 315 944;
+385 47 571 533;

Hunting and accomodationu in VIP LOUNG holiday house in Jasenak can provide you the HUNTING-VIP, VG Lovište ltd.

Info: +385 95 507 9398;

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