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Mountaineering and Alpinism

alpinisticki rubikon

Ogulin together with Klek are the cradle of Croatian mountaineering and alpinism. The idea of founding a mountaineering society was conceived in Ogulin. It was brought about by Vladimir Mažuranić, the son of Ban Ivan Mažuranić, Bude Budisavljević, a Croatian writer, and Dr. Jochannes Frischauf, a university professor from Vienna.

The mountaineering and alpinist collection in the County Museum explains the origins and development of mountaineering in this region ( The best known destination for mountaineers is definitely Klek with its highest peak of 1,181 metres. Its 200 m high vertical rock is a challenge to any alpine climber.

Mountaineering paths are well marked, and the best known towards Klek are: from Ogulin (about 3 hours walking), from Bijelski (about 40 minutes walking to the climbers’ lodgings), from Hreljine (about 6 hours walk over Vitunj), and the mountaineering path at Knej and Stožac – from Ogulin – (about one and a half hours walking). Jasenak is the starting point for mountaineering towards Bijele and Samarske Stijene, and Bjelolasica, while one can start walking from Jasenak towards Bjelolasica and the village of Vrelo.

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