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Cultural-historical Monuments

The isolated peaks and numerous mountain springs, rivers and forested mountain hinterland have provided security and healthy living conditions in this region since ancient times.

The foundation of Ogulin is connected with the charter of Bernardin Frankopan which he issued in his town of Modruš in the 1500s when the newly built town of Ogulin was marked on the border between Modruš and Vitunj. So, the first historical mention of Ogulin also marks its current name. On the first geographical map of Croatia created by the Jesuit Stjepan Glavač in 1673 Ogulin was titled Julin Grad, and alongside this were drawn the settlements of Sveti Jakov and Sveti Petar. Zulum Grad or Julin Grad is connected to the name of Ogulin through associating the name of the girl Đula or Zulejka who in legend threw herself into the chasm of the River Dobra because of unrequited love.

The preserved monuments and architectural legacy bear witness to the rich cultural and historical heritage, and represent our contemporary, historical, spiritual and material values.

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