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Why is Ogulin the Homeland of Fairytales?

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Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić whilst still a young girl experienced the fairytales of the town where she was born, and which she would write about in her autobiography. Her fairytales are today extremely valuable and a unique cultural resource which surpasses their local significance and represents a wider regional, European and even global values. According to them Ogulin has become a homeland of fairytales in which every year, in June, an international festival of Ogulin fairytales (OGFB) is held; as well as various creative workshops and storytelling throughout the year which draw visitors to the unique fairytale route encouraging curiosity and playfulness! The fairytale natural heritage which Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić wrote about in her autobiography Klek, romantičnost toka rijeke Dobre (Klek, the Romantic Flow of the River Dobra) and the rich cultural-historical heritage (especially the folk costumes and customs) has really given our region a powerful fairytale feeling. This is completed by the Frankopan Kaštel, a castle in the centre of the town. Ogulin has always attached great importance to the preservation of its intangible heritage. Many motifs from local stories and legends have found their place in the names of civic associations, songs and events. So they have become a part of the city and tourist attractions.

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