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Traditional Food of the Ogulin Region

Ogulinsko kiselo zelje Ogulinsko kiselo zelje

The best known traditional dishes are “Ogulinska masnica” and “Mošnje”, “Smisan kruh” and “Ogulinsko kiselo zelje” and turnips. “Ogulinska masnica” is leavened dough filled with a stuffing of stewed onion, eggs and cream. “Smisan kruh” is a traditional aromatic bread which our grandmothers used to bake with five kinds of flour: wheat, millet, maize, barley and rye.

“Ogulinsko kiselo zelje” is well-known all over the world – this is an autochthonous sort of cabbage that is very suitable for pickling and has a specific taste. Healthy food is being produced more and more in this region.

There are many other culinary products to be found in this area. Among them are honey and its products, as well as pine-brandy, apple vinegar, etc.

Imagine the scent of local corn while it is being ground in the watermill with ancient stone grinding wheels, and then bread baked with such flour. Eaten with fresh cow’s or goat’s milk or sour cream or together with cooked Ogulin sauerkraut it is delicious. You should taste this!

There are also specialities with the trout that live in the clear rivers of Ogulin or in modern trout farms.

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