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The geographical position of the Ogulin vales, located at the transition from Gorski Kotar into Lika, is also noted in the way of life of the people from Ogulin and their regional affiliations – not typical of Gorski Kotar or of Lika. This autonomy is best expressed in the song by an anonymous writer as:

We are the sons of Klek, the fairy's echo, we are independent…

From the first written documents Ogulin is mentioned as the administrative, cultural, educational, economic, health, religious, military-defensive and transport centre of the wider region.

The spirit of life then for the people of Ogulin was pleasant as it is today. They are proud of the legacy of their ancestors, carefully keeping the values and passing them down to their descendents.

The people of Ogulin have always attached great importance to gatherings and the wish for common progress. Special pride is held with the long tradition of the Klek Mountaineering Association and the Klek Choral Society.

Folklore traditions are cherished by the cultural-arts societies: Klek KUD (Cultural Artistic Society) and the Sv. Juraj KUD of Zagorje Ogulinsko.

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